5 Reasons It’s Time to Invest in a Home Addition

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Thinking about adding on to your home? A home addition can be a great way to add value to your home, but is it the best decision for you?

Keep reading to learn the 5 most common reasons why our clients decide to invest in a home addition remodel.

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1. Modernizing the design

A home addition is useful for more than just adding a brand new room to your home. This type of remodel is also a method for adding space to an existing room and modernizing the design.

It’s common for older homes throughout Massachusetts to feature designs that just don’t mesh with a modern-day lifestyle. Take your kitchen for example. We often talk to homeowners who are frustrated by their cramped and outdated kitchen. They’re dealing with little to no counter space, old appliances, and a closed off design.

Adding onto your existing kitchen is a great solution. A kitchen home addition can allow room for:

  • Luxury appliances
  • Better traffic flow in your home
  • More counter space
  • Additional storage

This concept is the same for other rooms in your house, too. For example, creating a larger, more modern bathroom or transforming a bedroom into a master suite — walk-in closet and all. If you’re interested in modernizing the design of your home, a home addition can help.

2. Improve traffic flow

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An open floor plan layout is a huge trend in homes throughout the Lowell area and the entire US — understandably so! Open floor plan layouts make your space feel larger and improve your ability to move comfortably throughout your home.

If you’re interested in improving the flow with a new layout, a home addition can help free up space. Some of our favorite examples of using a home addition to improve the layout and flow of your home include adding:

  • Living space and opening it up into your kitchen to create a more communal area
  • Sunroom or kitchen nook that opens up into your kitchen or living space
  • Additional bathroom just for guests
  • Mudroom off your kitchen or entryway

3. Better storage

1 in 11 Americans pays for extra storage space. It’s no wonder many homeowners decide to add onto their home for the sake of more storage. 

We often help homeowners add storage opportunities to their home with home addition projects like:

  • Attached garage additions
  • Workshops
  • Hobby rooms
  • Basement additions

4. Multi-seasonal space needs

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Do you enjoy hosting BBQs? Do you have a large family? Want to enjoy your yard all year long? A home addition that adds extra space for entertaining, no matter the weather, might be your focus. 

There are so many ways a home addition remodel can allow you to use your outdoor space year-round. You might want to consider options like:

  • Covered deck or porch
  • Wrap-around porch
  • Sunroom
  • Pool house

5. More square footage

As you’ve learned, there’s more than one way to outgrow your home. But sometimes actual square footage really is the issue. Any of these sound familiar?

  • Your family has grown
  • New hobbies or at-home career require more space
  • You purchased a smaller home in your dream neighborhood that must be remodeled to fit your spatial needs

Or maybe you have completely different motivations for needing more elbow room. Whatever your reasoning, adding square footage to your home is a great way to add value and increase enjoyment of your home.

The most popular room add-ons include:

  • Master suites
  • Game/entertainment rooms
  • Family rooms 
  • ADUs

What kind of home addition do you need?

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Identifying where exactly you need more room starts by figuring out “where it hurts.” What’s causing the pain points in your current home? Think about your typical week and what kind of spatial issues come up.

  • Do you become frustrated in the kitchen?
  • Can’t find a place to store your belongings?
  • Too many people vying for use of the bathroom?
  • Feeling cramped when you have people over for dinner?
  • Can’t find a quiet place?

Jot down the biggest issues you have on a weekly basis. From there you’ll be able to identify what type of home addition remodel will serve you best.

If you’re not sure where in your home you can find the extra space you need, don’t worry. That’s where an experienced design-build remodeling contractor comes in. Here at Wagner Development, no challenge is too great. We’ll help you identify how and where an add on makes sense for your home and your needs.

Remember: There’s a right way and a wrong way to add more space

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Home additions need to look and function like part of the original design of your home. The key to a successful addition is working with a trusted design-build firm. 

At Wagner Development, we offer home additions done right. Our designs preserve and enhance the functional and visual integrity of your home. There’s no disjointed, maze-like results here. We lay a foundation for a successful home addition by:

  • Developing a thorough understanding of your needs and vision
  • Conducting a careful investigation of your home
  • Creating a home addition plan integrating your new and existing spaces in a seamless style 

If you’re interested in adding on to your home, let’s talk. There’s nothing more important to us than exceeding your expectations.