Is an Open Floor Plan Remodel Right for You?

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Thinking about remodeling your home?

Knocking down walls and creating a sense of openness and greater traffic flow is a common method for improving the look and function of your space. This design approach — known as an open floor plan — is the goal of many major remodeling projects in Massachusetts, especially in older homes. But is it the best option for you? 

Stay to the end to see how we reimagined one client’s home with a modern open floor plan design.

What is an open floor plan design?

Open floor plan designs are traditionally used in the main living spaces of your home. With this approach, two or more spaces are joined by eliminating the walls separating them. The result is a much larger, more communal space.

Many homeowners want the flexibility of an open floor plan layout but while maintaining the option of privacy. In this case, you’ll often see designs that eliminate permanent walls and replace them with a sliding door or other semi-partition.

While the majority of open layout designs involve combining kitchen, dining, and living rooms, they can be found in other areas of your home as well. Open floor plans often combine:

  • Kitchen and dining rooms
  • Dining and living rooms
  • Entertainment room and kitchen
  • Den/office and living room

History of the open layout design

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Interior design has constantly been evolving to meet the needs of homeowners. 

At the start of the 20th century, a functional space translated into floor plans with closed-off rooms and a hallway to serve as a main artery through the house. Every room had a specific function and the kitchen was often hidden away at the back of the house. 

Later, in the mid century, homeowners were looking to maximize their space and needed rooms to serve multiple purposes. To meet these needs, large living spaces were combined with dining areas. These rooms still often featured some sort of partition — such as a sunken room or a two-sided fireplace — and kitchens were still relatively small and closed off. However, it was clear that a trend toward open floor plans was growing.

It wasn’t until the 90s that a truly open floor plan layout became the leading architectural style. This open floor plan style had grown to include the kitchen — the last room to be integrated into this design.

Today, it’s common for homes to feature bespoke open floor plan designs. By fully embracing the concept of functionality, homeowners are remodeling their homes with open layouts that meet the specific needs of their family.

Advantages of an open layout concept remodel

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1. Helps your home feel bigger

Even the smallest homes will live larger with an open floor plan design. When you open up your living room to the kitchen and dining area, what once was 3 small, sequestered rooms will be one large living space. 

2. Increase natural light

Without walls obstructing a room, sunlight has an easier way to travel through your home. Many people view open layouts as a way to bring the outdoor spaces in, and maximize this mindset by adding large new windows throughout the home. 

3. Allows for social togetherness

You no longer have to keep your hobbies and social activities separate — with an open floor plan, your family can more easily coexist. Your entire family can be doing their own activities while still being able to communicate with one another.

4. Greater visibility and safety

Open floor plans are especially loved by families with young children. An open layout allows you to keep an eye on the kiddos while they do their homework or play in the living room while you’re making dinner or working at your desk.

5. Better entertaining

For those who love entertaining, an open floor plan offers you one large party space. Guests can mingle easily from the kitchen to the living area, no one will feel cut off or “out of the loop” of what’s going on.

6. Flexibility in how you use the space

When you’re decorating or using an open floor plan space, your options are limitless. You’re not constrained by the space, meaning you can create a furniture layout that fits with your family’s needs. You can also add semi partitions or sliding doors — like we mentioned above — to ensure the space meets your needs one hundred percent of the time.

Putting it all together

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Could you benefit from an open floor plan remodel in your home? Take some time to consider how this type of layout might benefit you and your family, and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box! 

We recently worked with a family who wanted to reimagine their son’s bedroom into a more open, functional space. They wanted a place he could have friends over, play video games, and hang out.

To achieve their goals, we removed a wall between two rooms, creating one large space that served as a bedroom and entertainment space for their son. We added a sliding barn door to give the flexibility of using the entertainment room for guests, or adding more privacy as needed. New paint and interior decor finish off this open floor plan remodel.

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Wagner Development

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